Financiers and a Festival of Food

Petite, full of flavour, and irresistibly tasty, Raspberry Financiers are a must try for those with a sweet tooth.


Risotto alla Milanese

Known as the ‘Golden Risotto’ for its vibrant gold colour, Risotto alla Milanese is a classic dish from Italy’s northern Lombardy region.

Gratin Dauphinois

With a crisp, golden outer layer and a soft, creamy centre, Gratin Dauphinois (do-feen-wah) is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Vasko: A focus on family and food

Nestled in the heart of Ivanhoe, Vasko manages to incorporate family love with quality service to produce a polished dining experience of Mediterranean inspired cuisine.

Pollo al Chilindrón

Simple, honest, and rich in flavour, Pollo al Chilindrón (Chill-in-drone) is a Spanish chicken stew with a distinctive bright red colour.